Necessity is the mother of all creations 

When in spring 2016 a large publishing company showed excitement about the manuscript ‘Nymphenfischen: Geheimnisse entlarvt’, yet wouldn’t commit to a firm publishing date other than ‘maybe in autumn 2018’, the determination grew in us to self-publish our title. Six months later I knew that only my own publishing company with all its potentials and risks would be suitable to realise our book project as it was intended. 

It is Forelle & Äsche’s goal to elevate German fly fishing literature to a level taken for granted in Anglo-American or Scandinavian countries. Literature that simultaneously expands the knowledge of experienced anglers and fly fishers while offering a comprehensive start to newcomers to our fascinating passion. Literature that awakens the desire to get comfortable in an armchair and take a book to hand, in times when rods get stowed away for winter and fly tying vices are put to rest. Books that take you to far flung places, books that take you on a journey, that create a mental picture as if the author were talking right to the reader. 

Fly fishing and armchair angling are two inseparable worlds, that have kept pollinating each other for centuries. To foster this symbiosis is the aim of Forelle & Äsche publishing.


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